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Creating a website for photographers

The photo site has a beautiful design and is adaptable to all types of devices. The website is ideal for photographers, photo studios, videographers, bloggers and anyone who wants to show their story through photos and movies.

Creating a website for photographers

The site for photographers has a clean and minimalist look that is easy to read. You can set up your content easily and elegantly in several ways. We have made several versions for you of how you can post your content and over time you can create your own design with the capabilities of the site. Our photo site is customizable which means it looks great on all devices from desktops, laptops to smartphones and tablets.

izrada sajta za fotografe

See what the site looks like online

izrada web sajtova beograd

Easy and simple to use

We used wordpress, an easy-to-use platform and the most popular tool on the Internet to create a photo site.

The site is set on the best hosting in the world. It has double protection and an excellent rating on the Google speed test.

You have the option to back up the site, which is recommended once a month.
Site design cannot be changed!

cena web sajta

Special offer and price for photo site

The value of the site is $ 250, but the site for photographers has been reduced by as much as 60% and the price of the complete site is $ 99.
And that’s not all if you order the site by the end of September and receive a gift from us. The gift is free hosting and a domain for a year for your site.
The value of the gift is $ 60.

izrada web sajtova za fotografe

Watch a video of what a website for photographers looks like

Easy to your new site. In two days the site will be online!

akcija za foto sajt

What is needed to create a website:

  • Your email address
  • Logo or name of the photographer or studio
  • Cover photo in FullHD resolution that will be in the background (Photo on our site is a mountain during the winter)
  • Name of pages in the menu (On our site are home, family festivities, portraits, about me, contact)
  • The photographer’s motto
  • We are posting one piece of news on your site so that you can see what it looks like (text, photos, video from youtube …)
  • Notice about us which will be located at the bottom of the site in the footer.
  • Your instagram profile
  • Type of photos (tags)
  • The content you want to find on the Menu page

Key items in our offer (video)

Take advantage of our amazing offer!

Podigni svoj biznis

na veći nivo uz moderan portfolio !

Adding an article to a photo site

Adding content to a site is very easy.
Take advantage of our amazing offer!

Edit background photo (video)

We made a video to make it easier for you to work on your photo site.

Adding an article to the home page in a slider (video)

Easy and cheap to your site, your modern portfolio.

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